Range designed by Dr Duncan Bain Gabriel Scientific Technical and Research Director and David Woolfson, Gabriel Scientific CEO.

Dr Bain is a Doctor of Biomedical Engineering and is widely published in the eld of support surface technology. Dr. Bain is a pre-eminent expert in the eld of support surface technology and he previously ran a support surface evaluation programme for the UK Medical Devices Authority and the NHS. David Woolfson is an award winning innovator in the eld of material science and support surface design.

We brought these skills plus updated learnings to the design of the SleepAngel Pressure Reducing mattress range so that we can now offer the “best in class” with respect to the two key medical mattress design criteria i.e. pressure area care (Tissue Viability) and Infection Prevention and Control.

The PneumaPure lter enabled SleepAngelTM mattress covers provide the proven and most effective infection prevention barrier in the medical cushioning device market.


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