SleepAngel/PneumaPure filter technology has been awarded a Top Innovations of the Year 2017 (one of the top innovations) by which is a registered Canadian non-profit organization (The Infection Prevention Strategy).

Why was this innovation chosen?
Pneuma Pure filter technology is an important breakthrough in the fight against HAl’s. Just as handwashing, door handles and the equipment associated with patient environments have all been addressed from the IPC perspective, now a greater locus of HAl risk can be resolved. The threat to patient, caregiver, and visitor safety from contaminated bedding interiors is so apparent that it could be argued that Pneuma Pure filter technology should be not just recommended for adoption, but mandated. In hotels, there are significant benefits from a room hygiene and guest safety perspective; in the home, there is a clear benefit from the significant reduction in exposure to asthma and allergy triggers.

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“This product (SleepAngel) is assisting the challenge of combating infection within the healthcare environment. This product is now used across various locations in the HSE (Ireland’s national public healthcare system)”.

Julie Ryan

Assistant National Director Procurement, Health Service Executive (HSE), Ireland

“Because it has a medical membrane seal and a completely welded seam, it allows the pillow to be wiped down on site so it is not returned to laundry for processing”

“Each bed is now using one pillow, which is a reduction from previously using two or three pillows”

Galway University Hospitals


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