"Good practice in infection control in hospital should include the deployment of CE Medical Device infection control pillows, as well as diligence in cleaning and disinfection, together with the implementation of a pillow audit protocol"

Arthur Tucker (1,2 ), Marie Dewhurst (3)
(1) Barts Health NHS Trust, (2) Queen Mary, University of London, (3) Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals 

Blocks pathogens. Allows clean air in and out

‘The SleepAngel™ Pillow is proven to be a 100% effective barrier’ (i)

Patented. Innovation Award Winner 2012.

(i) Dr. Bruce Mitchell, Consultant Immunoligist and CEO, Airmid Healthgroup ISO Microbiological Test Laboratory

“Pathogens were isolated from the exteriors of some…pillows, demonstrating that there were systematic failures in both cleaning and auditing pillows” (i)

(i) Dr Art T. Tucker BSc(Hons) PhD SRCS MICR FICA CSci, Evaluation of the SleepAngel™ pillow for the prevention of HCAI in the clinical environment

“We purchased SleepAngel pillows for all of our in patient areas… They are working very well. We audited them with mattress audits. That is something I would recommend putting in place in your organisations if you have not already done so.” (i)

(i) Diane Wake, formerly Chief Operating Officer, The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, GovToday Reducing HCAI Conference, 2013